Vinted & #Hashtags

I finally realised Vinted members search by #hashtags and their inclusion on my wardrobe items has been dramatic. I went through every item and added #hashtags such as #pearlnecklace, #costumejewellery and #accuristwatch and immediately sold 6 items overnight, gained a follower and numerous items have been favourited.

They appear to be the single most important factor I have discovered in making your items more visible to other members in vinted search results. Pure voodoo. I have updated my Vinted Top Tips to reflect my experiences.

Take a look at Web Confection on Vinted.

Good luck.

Recycling Fast Fashions

There has been a lot of talk about vintage and retro clothing. Fashionable terms for second-hand. And combined with eco-friendly credentials has made the subject en vogue.

However, the real market is reselling so-called fast fashions. A business model that enables companies to copy & distribute celebrity outfits within weeks. We are a throw-away society and it is that mentiality that is very slowly changing.

And it’s not just second hand clothes. There’s second hand costume jewellery, old bags, vintage watches and more being resold by individuals and companies.

How to get involved? Stick with me and I shall explain…