Restoring a vintage costume bracelet

Vintage Costume Bracelet

I’m in receipt of a collection of vintage costume jewellery including quality pieces worthy of restoration. I’ve started with this lovely bracelet, circa 1980s.

Over 30+ years the shine had dulled but definitely deserved to be reborn. The inner band is brass with a two-tone blood red outer band.

I got to work with my Dremel and set about restoring the bracelet. Using a combination of elbow grease, metal cleaner, brasso and a polishing pad spinning at 15,000 rpm it’s now clean, highly polished with its original shine and ready to find a new home. It looks stunning with lots of credibility.

Restored Costume Bracelet

Ready to be resold I have decided to list on Etsy. I’m struggling to make any Etsy impression and hope this bracelet may attract some attention. I’m asking £9.99 with free delivery packaged in a lovely gift bag.

Wish me luck.

Cheers, Charles

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