Selling Counterfeit Online

I recently became the owner of a womens Moschino Thin Belt and after some quick research discovered it’s an expensive but frequently forged item.

It’s used but in very good condition, no visible blemishes with quality stiching. It could be genuine or maybe not. Is it a cheap imitation made by child labour in China? Or a genuine Moschino made by child labour in China?

I know the previous owner and they were financially daft enough to pay full price, approximately £100. And savvy enough to know better. I have no idea which way they jumped, and I can’t ask.

Presents me with a problem. I can’t in all good faith sell as genuine regardless of my suspicions. Therefore I can’t list the item on Vinted or Depop, both of whom have strict rules. I could probably stick it on Gumtree but decided to take a chance and create a Sunday night, 99p auction with free delivery on Ebay.

I listed the item as a Moschino style Thin Belt and elaborated in the description. Let the customers decide. It’s garnered some interest in the first 24 hours. 7 followers and a couple of bids. It will sell.

Fingers crossed.

Cheers, Charles

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