Schedule your social media with Buffer

I thought I’d give a shout-out to A cute way to schedule your social media posts in advance.

I’ve recently found my efforts lacking due to other commitments and natural lazyness. That’s one of the ways Buffer can help.

This is not a critique of Buffer or a recommendation over its rivals. Just a heads-up on what’s available.

It was created by a whipper-snapper called Joel and friends when they were was barely out of nappies. Irritatingly talented they’ve been around a few years, and Joel has grown a beard. They have built a market leader and a very slick and easy to use solution. Read their blog. You can connect to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and lately Shopify, branching into ecommerce.

Like most solutions they have a free tier that I’m happily using at present. It enables you to connect too three of the six supported media channels and you can schedule 10 posts per channel at any one time.

If you haven’t embraced a similar solution I highly recommend them. Worth a look.

Cheers, Charles

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