Should I clean my shoes?

I recently noticed a pair of Kickers, Kick Hi boots for sale on Vinted. A great deal at £15 but I was surprised at their condition. Listed with the comment will look great after a polish, I thought, polish them you silly cow. Sorry, sad but true. They looked scruffy and dirty as advertised. According to the official website their RRP is £90 although you can get them cheaper on Amazon.

I’m not complaining about a good deal but it got me thinking, how much effort should you put into selling such an item?

To-date, I have only been selling unworn shoes, new in box. Spontaneous and unused purchases. But I have a large collection of preloved shoes including a pair of Kickers, Kick Hi.

I dug them out of the attic and as expected the leather was dull and dusty, the white laces were soiled and frayed and the rubber soles mucky. I threw the laces in the bin and invested £0.40 on a new pair of 120cm laces from my favourite discount store, Home Bargains.

After wiping down the leather both inside and out, a bit of shoe shiner and ten minutes scrubbing the soles with soap, warm water and an old toothbrush I hope they are reborn and ready for the next big adventure.I’m asking a cheeky £25 average across my usual sales channels. It varies depending upon the platform. But the best deal is Depop because I’m still a fustrated Depop virgin.

They look great and are timeless streetwear. At a 3rd of the retail price and looking like new I’m hoping for offers. Has my small investment of time and money been worth it? Only time will tell. But for 40p sterling and 10 minutes GMT it’s worth the effort.

Kickers, Kick Hi – Depop

Kickers, Kick Hi – Ebay

Kickers, Kick Hi – Gumtree

Kickers, Kick Hi – Vinted

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