What is your saturation point?

I’ve been playing with the concept of saturation points and exactly what I mean by it. After a few beers I have decided upon…

The number of active adverts needed to create a desired income.

I currently sell items on a weekly basis. Usually two or three items a week and sometimes two or three items a day, but It’s not enough. I desire a livible income.

100% of items I currently sell are recycled and have unique properties, for example; When selling a pair of shoes I need to find a customer who loves the shoes, can afford the shoes, and the has same shoe size. Reducing the price does not guarantee a quick sale. It can take time to find your target audience.

If I am willing to accept items may take months to sell, even when hugely discounted then how many items do I need to be selling to generate my desired income?

It is a moving target and dependant upon many factors. Here are two of quick thoughts.

Sales Channels

You can measure saturation at any level. At time of writing my ecommerce presence is loosely as follows:


36 items for sale.


22 items for sale.


4 items for sale.


6 items for sale.


69 items for sale.

Stock for Sale

The more generic a product, for example makeup, the faster the likely turnover. However, clothes, shoes and anything where size matters may take longer.


I am committed to increasing my 130+ adverts across all channels to 200+ within 4 weeks. Special attention to Depop, Gumtree and Etsy.

Keep watching.

Cheers, Charles

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