Ecommerce is mobile first

The more involved I become with trying to develop multiple revenue streams, recycling and earning online the more mobile focused I become.

I have a relatively modern Samsung smart phone. Maybe 2 years old I’m probably about due to renew my contract and get another freebie. And over the past few months I’ve installed quite a few apps including Vinted, Gumtree, Twitter and more . I’m even trading stocks and shares whilst on the road.

My desktop experience with multiple monitors is becoming a luxury experience. I can’t carry it around in my pocket. Whether buying or selling I now realise my mobile is my primary user experience. I’ve been living in the past. The world has rapidly changed, the mobile experience is paramount. I’ve even thought of focusing solely on the mobile experience and changing the tagline of my blog. But I’m not ready. There are still desktop opportunities to explore.

That said, I probably need to learn how to build a mobile app. My own creation Web Confection needs a mobile focused solution.

Cheers, Charles

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