Can I really recycle Doggy Diapers?

That’s right. My efforts to try and recycle pretty much everything whilst making money is plummeting new depths.

I am a proud big brother to a elderly, 4-legged, blind, incontenent pooping and peeing machine called Sasha. Nobody walks around my house in their bare feet. But as long as her tail is wagging and she has quality of life we will support her. Recently found with a packet of crisps on her head, her appetite is as good as ever.

To help matters my parents bought her a 3-pack of large, black Avont female doggy diapers at a cost of £21.95 on amazon. But after trying them on were forced to admit they had bought the wrong size and Sasha didn’t like the colour.

Sashas backside, whilst very active isn’t very big. My parents should have read the smallprint.

They appear to be a quality product. So, anybody else sharing their home with a female pooping and peeing machine and want to try some discount washable diapers?

I’ve listed them on Web Confection to begin with. Can’t see them selling on Vinted or Depop. Maybe ebay next. Anyway, discount washable doggy diapers on Web Confection.

Wish me luck.

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