Is my Rolex fake?

I have a beautiful ladies watch I picked up in a house clearence. I nearly crushed it under foot amongst all the mess. It was just lying on the floor in the corner of a bedroom. Issue is, it think it’s a fake Rolex, 75%. And with the owners consent I am planning to sell online but would like to be certain of what I’m selling. It is worth £50 or £500?

In need of a clean but otherwise mint condition. Replica or otherwise it’s still a beautiful time piece with new batteries and in perfect working order. A Ladies Gold Rolex Geneve, Cellini watch. I’ve googled around and cannot find an exact match and prices vary greatly.

I’ve been googling for a definitive answer to the question, is it fake? And I can’t with all certaintity be sure. Somebody maybe about to get the bargain of the century but it’s probably just a nice watch.

Now listed in the Web Confection watches catalogue I hope it finds a nice new home.

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