November Catchup

It’s been a long month. My part-time employer has taken up five days of my week without gratitude. No time to blog but I’ve been quite busy online behind the scenes. Currently active on four ecommerce channels and building.


I made my first sale in May 2021 and this month cashed out for approximately £100. Must have sold 20/25 items mostly as part of bundles. I like Vinted. It’s community driven and a credible recycling platform and nice income for the hobbyist. I need to keep my wardrobe updated and stay actve on the forums.


I sold a 99p item at auction and made approxiately 10p profit. I realised Ebay is not for the cheaper items. Anything sells but it needs needs to be worthy.

I also sold two pairs of Irregular Choice shoes, both at £54.99 plus £5.20 P&P. I cashed out at £52.* each. I’m happy with my share. I sold eight items in total.


I’ve started to get excited about Etsy. It’s all about the cottage industry and after reseach I have my own ideas on how to recycle a personal collection into a 400+ product line of collectibles. Currently only have four vintage items in my shop but keep watching. I’m excited at the idea of creating my first unique product and am developing a manufacturing process, as I write this article using a bottle of full fat Coca Cola.


The latest sales channels I have chosen to embrace. Very much a mobile-first application and written in a teenage language I can’t understand. I have upload 30+ varied items, lets see what sells. No community I can find.

In Summary

Sold most items on Vinted. Made most money on Ebay. Still an Etsy and Depop virgin.

Have Vinted, Ebay, Depop, Etsy & Preloved applications installed on my smart phone. The way forward is mobile.

Made £200+ this month. Not bad for a recycling hobby.

Cheers, Charles

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