20+ 99p Ebay Auctions – Sunday to Sunday

Last week I created 10 * 99p auctions running Sunday to Sunday, so far one guaranted 99p sale but not much else. A slow start but not totally disheartening after all, I have no idea what I’m doing. Still learning the Ebay ropes. I have also uploaded some nice items on a buy now basis in the hope exposure generated by the auctions may create some other sales.

Week 2

I have uploaded 20+ new items in 99p auction format scheduled to start at 8pm tonight, 24th October 2021 and have tried to include a variety from electrical, jewellery, watches, clothing and more to see what garners the most interest/sales. Some of the items exist on Vinted but have received little attention, lets see how Ebay does.

I currently have a massive Ebay following of 3 and hope to increase that number over the next few weeks whilst reselling some genuine bargains. Please keep watching Web Confection on Ebay.

My pick of this weeks auction is probably the AMH womens sandals. Brand new, never worn with an RRP of £13.99.

I’m not yet confident enough to place my most expensive items into the auctions until I have built a larger following and better understand my audience. There will be no VR Kits selling for 99p, not just yet but I do have a nice refurbished HP Laptop waiting to go online.

If I can sell a couple of items and garner more reviews and followers it will have been a success. Keep watching.

Cheers, Charles

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