Vinted – What Sells & What Doesn’t?

In the past month I have sold approximately 50+ items through Web Confection on Vinted and made about £75. I have 13 followers and double-digit 5-star reviews. Not a bad start, I’m happy. Here’s a breakdown of sales by type:

Makeup – 42 Items

I uploaded 65 items of makeup, all sealed. A combination of Lip Sticks, Eye Liner and other stuff that is completely beyond me. All items sold for £1 and they have proven very popular with most members buying makeup in bundles. I have 20+ pieces left and feel confident they will sell.

Stocking, Tights & Pantyhose – 8 Items

I never thought these would sell, how wrong was I? Items unused and still in original packaging although the packaging is often in a distressed state. A great seller at between £1 and £1.49.

Electrical – 1 Item

I’m nervous about selling electrical equipment online. Offering guarantees or sold as seen. I have laptops and VR Kits to sell worth hundreds of pounds. But I tested the waters on Vinted with a used Babyliss Hair Dryer. Lightly used, perfect condition and working order but without original packaging. Pleased to say it sold. They retail at £19.99 and I sold at £3.99 plus £3.45 Hermes P&P. I was happy to see it recycled, good value for money and a positive 5-star review.

Costume Jewellery – 2 Items

Sold a couple of necklaces, about £10 combined plus P&P. I’m going to have to work hard to resell unbranded costume jewellery, some of it quite expensive and available at huge discounts. I barely know where to start but I wish Vinted would lower the minimum asking price from £1 to 50p. I believe in the old proverb look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Other Stuff – 3 Items

All items under £5, everything I have sold can be seen on the Web Confection on Vinted profile.

Shoes – 0 Items

I uploaded some brand name shoes, notably Irregular Choice with an asking price of £50+ each. They have gained many views and likes and garnered a lot of attention but no sales. I also have sandals at £4.99 but no sales. Obviously they are more expensive and will take longer to sell buy. Therefore they are now listed on Web Confection, Ebay.


Makeup sells and I need more of it.

Moving forward I am going to start reselling the mountain of the clothes I have to recycle. I need to think outside the box on costume jewellery and high end items. I have plenty more to sell on vinted and am looking forward to the journey. It’s a great community.

Cheers, Charles

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