Vinted App

I took the time to download the Vinted App on my mobile phone and quickly realised I’m a dinosaur in a digital age. I should have done it earlier and so should all members, especially sellers.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve sold about 35 items and made about £40. Primarily makeup, stockings and tights. And mostly £1 items sold as part of a bundle. As updates became daily and my message threads increased I started to struggle. So I downloaded the mobile app and realised Vinted is made for the mobile it’s not primarily a desktop computer experience.

Never again shall I take photos on my mobile and bluetooth them to my desktop.

It’s simple and intuitive. And the user experience even slicker than an already very good desktop experience. It makes a quick publishing process even quicker. I’m starting to see why milenials are mobile addicted. I’m an old fart.

I’m going to publish some more costume jewellery and lower existing prices next. Some of the jewellery is absolutely stunning and deserves to be seen and worn.

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