99p Auctions – Sunday to Sunday

I’m starting to rebuild Web Confection on Ebay with a fresh vision. I’m hoping to build a catalogue of weekly 99p auctions, minimum bid. P&P varies. I already have 10+ Web Confection, Ebay live auctions at time of posting.

To me, Ebay is a marketplace of professional sellers. Something I aispire to be. But the items I am selling are unique and I do not have a supply chain, not yet. I have chosen a personal profile photo and will run small auctions whilst trying to build a profile.

Each auction starts and ends on a Sunday evening and if I dedicate enough time and effort I hope to easily achieve 30+ simultaneous, weekly 99p auctions ongoing. Obviously, I have chosen a Sunday auction because that is a popular night for members to browse their favourite websites and relax.

My first catalogue amusingly contains everything from a Can Magic, Hand Free Tin Opener to a Henley Crystal Watch.

I hope the auctions will be fun with some genuine bargains. They are an excuse for my Ebay learning curve.

Expect a greatly improved and active Web Confection on Ebay moving forward.

Please keep watching. I have hundreds of items to list and open to offers on pretty much everything.

Cheers, Charles

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