People Appreciate Eco-friendly Packaging

I’m currently only selling a few items per week but packaging became an immediate issue. For example: How to package discontinued swarovski crystal and other delicate items that come in all shapes and sizes?

I invested in a mechanical paper shredder. No batteries needed and it has enabled me to easily recycle old newspapers my parents buy each week. I am determined that not only should I recycle the mountain of goodies I have acquired but also the packaging. Sellotape is an eco-friendly product and the boxes I use claim eco-friendly credentials.

I was plesantly surpised when the very first customer mentioned the packaging in their feedback.

Thankyou . First class . Arrived quickly and very well packaged . Highly recommend this seller

Unfortunately, I am still using cheap padded, sealable plastic bags for extra protection but i’m on the look out for alternatives.

The learning curve continues.

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