Second Impressions on Ebay

After spending the past few weeks building Web Confection on Vinted I’ve turned my attention to Web Confection on Ebay.

I’ve been a member for many years and sold a few items but never really embraced it. Never been my favourite user experience.

Ebay Community

I took a look around ebay community discussion forums and it made an initial poor impression. Does not feel like a community, too coporate and shiny. It’s for complaints, queries and educational purposes. There also appears to be a lot of disgruntled people. The Seller Central forum appears very negative although the responses from ebay seem frequent and constructive.

Sell Anything

I decided to (re)learn Ebay selling obscure and cheap pieces to begin. In my limited experience anything sells, especially at auction.

I recently auctioned two discontinued Swarovski Crystals that were incomplete and I wanted rid. Afraid they would get further damaged in storage. The first, a Swarovski Grand Piano lacked a stool, certificates and original packaging. The second, a Swarovski Violin lacked the original stand, certificates and original packaging. The response was disappointing, only 1 minimum bid on both auctions but they sold.

A Bit Complicated

In comparison to Vinted, I feel Ebay’s status as the big-dog is reflected in the complexity and corporate feel. No doubt lots of goodies to help sell and buy smartly but a bit overwelming in comparison to Vinted. I find the selling experience overly complicated, takes too long.

Ebay Shop

Not currently interested in pay-for commitments. Maybe somewhere down the line I will look again but I also own the domain name, a longer term goal.

Ebay Local

I love the idea of Ebay Local for those larger items you cannot realistically deliver in budget. And still in beta must be worth watching. I have a Segway that needs cleaning and I can’t find the charger. It’s a heavy-duty, quality item and cost about £120 and has rarely been used. In perfect working order. Hoping I can find a buyer on Ebay Local, Liverpool.

That’s all for now but I will be trying to build Web Confection on Ebay in the next few weeks and months. Keep watching.

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