Reselling Make Up Post Covid

Pre-covid I acquired a lot of make up, hundreds of unused items, but most had their seals broken. Lipsticks, eyeliners and more. As an ugly man I had no idea what many items were for. At first I considered donating to a womens refuge but decided to try my local car boot sale in Bootle, Liverpool.

I filled several buckets and priced everything at £1. I arrived early, it was still dark and I was immediately pounced upon by a gaggle of women wearing head torches. There was nearly a riot. For the next 3 hours there must have been an average of 10 people rootling through the make up buckets grabbing bargains. It felt like the whole of Bootle was buying my make up. I made over £500 and still had more to sell. It was a big success. Then came lockdown…

Post lockdown I decided to revisit the opportunity. With more make up to sell I ventured back to Bootle car boot with more buckets filled with make up goodies. Ready for the onslaught and expecting a similar reaction. How bitterly disappointing. Nobody wanted to know. I sold a few items but in the face-mask wearing world we currently live people are no longer willing to buy make up with broken seals. Even when new.

I have since disposed of the vast majority of make up and kept only those items with their seals intact, about 100 pieces and decided to advertise them on Vinted for £1. See my make up on vinted.

So far individual items have received many likes and a few sales. But there hasn’t been a cyber riot to compare with my initial car boot experience.

L’Oreal, Rimmel, Make Up Academy and more. Create a bundle and make me an offer. It needs to find a good home and not go to waste.

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