Reycling Food?

In recent months I have been working in the small M&S Food Hall, Lime St Station, Liverpool. And have been shocked and appalled at the wastage.

I must start by clearly stating the M&S Foodhall in Lime St station is not owned by M&S. It is a franchise owned by a seemlingly larger company called SSP. My employer. They specialise in branded retail franchises at airports, train stations, service stations etc… across 30+ countries worldwide.

At M&S Lime St we do our best. We provide food that has reached it’s best before/use by date each evening around 8pm for immediate distribution. As far as I understand we support a network of 4 hostels for recovering addicts, any extra food is then delivered to families in-need. All organised by a local church. Post latest lockdown, with everybody struggling to predict demand we gave away anywhere between £1,000 and £2,000 worth of food every single night.

Sadly, we are but a drop in the ocean of the food wastage at Lime St Station… and we are not uncommon. We appear to stand alone with our charitable efforts, but I could be wrong. My issue and reason for this article, is why?

Tonight I witnessed a wannabe team-leader refuse to allow a collection of Percy Pig treats go to charity because they had yesterdays best before date. They were openly scared of the frivilous complaint for charitable efforts and possible impact.

Faceless companies like SSP and large brandnames such as M&S are not heartless. They are comprised of individuals, just like you and I. And if people are going to use their professional opportunities to better contribute to their local community there needs to be an easier way to protect themselves and their employer from the easy, unjustified, opportunistic complaint.

How many people reading this article have claimed for whiplash and received a £1,500 payout?

Faceless companies like SSP and large brandnames such as M&S are not the problem, we are.

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