20+ 99p Ebay Auctions – Sunday to Sunday

Last week I created 10 * 99p auctions running Sunday to Sunday, so far one guaranted 99p sale but not much else. A slow start but not totally disheartening after all, I have no idea what I’m doing. Still learning the Ebay ropes. I have also uploaded some nice items on a buy now basis in the hope exposure generated by the auctions may create some other sales.

Week 2

I have uploaded 20+ new items in 99p auction format scheduled to start at 8pm tonight, 24th October 2021 and have tried to include a variety from electrical, jewellery, watches, clothing and more to see what garners the most interest/sales. Some of the items exist on Vinted but have received little attention, lets see how Ebay does.

I currently have a massive Ebay following of 3 and hope to increase that number over the next few weeks whilst reselling some genuine bargains. Please keep watching Web Confection on Ebay.

My pick of this weeks auction is probably the AMH womens sandals. Brand new, never worn with an RRP of £13.99.

I’m not yet confident enough to place my most expensive items into the auctions until I have built a larger following and better understand my audience. There will be no VR Kits selling for 99p, not just yet but I do have a nice refurbished HP Laptop waiting to go online.

If I can sell a couple of items and garner more reviews and followers it will have been a success. Keep watching.

Cheers, Charles

Vinted – What Sells & What Doesn’t?

In the past month I have sold approximately 50+ items through Web Confection on Vinted and made about £75. I have 13 followers and double-digit 5-star reviews. Not a bad start, I’m happy. Here’s a breakdown of sales by type:

Makeup – 42 Items

I uploaded 65 items of makeup, all sealed. A combination of Lip Sticks, Eye Liner and other stuff that is completely beyond me. All items sold for £1 and they have proven very popular with most members buying makeup in bundles. I have 20+ pieces left and feel confident they will sell.

Stocking, Tights & Pantyhose – 8 Items

I never thought these would sell, how wrong was I? Items unused and still in original packaging although the packaging is often in a distressed state. A great seller at between £1 and £1.49.

Electrical – 1 Item

I’m nervous about selling electrical equipment online. Offering guarantees or sold as seen. I have laptops and VR Kits to sell worth hundreds of pounds. But I tested the waters on Vinted with a used Babyliss Hair Dryer. Lightly used, perfect condition and working order but without original packaging. Pleased to say it sold. They retail at £19.99 and I sold at £3.99 plus £3.45 Hermes P&P. I was happy to see it recycled, good value for money and a positive 5-star review.

Costume Jewellery – 2 Items

Sold a couple of necklaces, about £10 combined plus P&P. I’m going to have to work hard to resell unbranded costume jewellery, some of it quite expensive and available at huge discounts. I barely know where to start but I wish Vinted would lower the minimum asking price from £1 to 50p. I believe in the old proverb look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Other Stuff – 3 Items

All items under £5, everything I have sold can be seen on the Web Confection on Vinted profile.

Shoes – 0 Items

I uploaded some brand name shoes, notably Irregular Choice with an asking price of £50+ each. They have gained many views and likes and garnered a lot of attention but no sales. I also have sandals at £4.99 but no sales. Obviously they are more expensive and will take longer to sell buy. Therefore they are now listed on Web Confection, Ebay.


Makeup sells and I need more of it.

Moving forward I am going to start reselling the mountain of the clothes I have to recycle. I need to think outside the box on costume jewellery and high end items. I have plenty more to sell on vinted and am looking forward to the journey. It’s a great community.

Cheers, Charles

99p Auctions – Sunday to Sunday

I’m starting to rebuild Web Confection on Ebay with a fresh vision. I’m hoping to build a catalogue of weekly 99p auctions, minimum bid. P&P varies. I already have 10+ Web Confection, Ebay live auctions at time of posting.

To me, Ebay is a marketplace of professional sellers. Something I aispire to be. But the items I am selling are unique and I do not have a supply chain, not yet. I have chosen a personal profile photo and will run small auctions whilst trying to build a profile.

Each auction starts and ends on a Sunday evening and if I dedicate enough time and effort I hope to easily achieve 30+ simultaneous, weekly 99p auctions ongoing. Obviously, I have chosen a Sunday auction because that is a popular night for members to browse their favourite websites and relax.

My first catalogue amusingly contains everything from a Can Magic, Hand Free Tin Opener to a Henley Crystal Watch.

I hope the auctions will be fun with some genuine bargains. They are an excuse for my Ebay learning curve.

Expect a greatly improved and active Web Confection on Ebay moving forward.

Please keep watching. I have hundreds of items to list and open to offers on pretty much everything.

Cheers, Charles

Vinted App

I took the time to download the Vinted App on my mobile phone and quickly realised I’m a dinosaur in a digital age. I should have done it earlier and so should all members, especially sellers.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve sold about 35 items and made about £40. Primarily makeup, stockings and tights. And mostly £1 items sold as part of a bundle. As updates became daily and my message threads increased I started to struggle. So I downloaded the mobile app and realised Vinted is made for the mobile it’s not primarily a desktop computer experience.

Never again shall I take photos on my mobile and bluetooth them to my desktop.

It’s simple and intuitive. And the user experience even slicker than an already very good desktop experience. It makes a quick publishing process even quicker. I’m starting to see why milenials are mobile addicted. I’m an old fart.

I’m going to publish some more costume jewellery and lower existing prices next. Some of the jewellery is absolutely stunning and deserves to be seen and worn.

People Appreciate Eco-friendly Packaging

I’m currently only selling a few items per week but packaging became an immediate issue. For example: How to package discontinued swarovski crystal and other delicate items that come in all shapes and sizes?

I invested in a mechanical paper shredder. No batteries needed and it has enabled me to easily recycle old newspapers my parents buy each week. I am determined that not only should I recycle the mountain of goodies I have acquired but also the packaging. Sellotape is an eco-friendly product and the boxes I use claim eco-friendly credentials.

I was plesantly surpised when the very first customer mentioned the packaging in their feedback.

Thankyou . First class . Arrived quickly and very well packaged . Highly recommend this seller

Unfortunately, I am still using cheap padded, sealable plastic bags for extra protection but i’m on the look out for alternatives.

The learning curve continues.

Second Impressions on Ebay

After spending the past few weeks building Web Confection on Vinted I’ve turned my attention to Web Confection on Ebay.

I’ve been a member for many years and sold a few items but never really embraced it. Never been my favourite user experience.

Ebay Community

I took a look around ebay community discussion forums and it made an initial poor impression. Does not feel like a community, too coporate and shiny. It’s for complaints, queries and educational purposes. There also appears to be a lot of disgruntled people. The Seller Central forum appears very negative although the responses from ebay seem frequent and constructive.

Sell Anything

I decided to (re)learn Ebay selling obscure and cheap pieces to begin. In my limited experience anything sells, especially at auction.

I recently auctioned two discontinued Swarovski Crystals that were incomplete and I wanted rid. Afraid they would get further damaged in storage. The first, a Swarovski Grand Piano lacked a stool, certificates and original packaging. The second, a Swarovski Violin lacked the original stand, certificates and original packaging. The response was disappointing, only 1 minimum bid on both auctions but they sold.

A Bit Complicated

In comparison to Vinted, I feel Ebay’s status as the big-dog is reflected in the complexity and corporate feel. No doubt lots of goodies to help sell and buy smartly but a bit overwelming in comparison to Vinted. I find the selling experience overly complicated, takes too long.

Ebay Shop

Not currently interested in pay-for commitments. Maybe somewhere down the line I will look again but I also own the domain name webconfection.com, a longer term goal.

Ebay Local

I love the idea of Ebay Local for those larger items you cannot realistically deliver in budget. And still in beta must be worth watching. I have a Segway that needs cleaning and I can’t find the charger. It’s a heavy-duty, quality item and cost about £120 and has rarely been used. In perfect working order. Hoping I can find a buyer on Ebay Local, Liverpool.

That’s all for now but I will be trying to build Web Confection on Ebay in the next few weeks and months. Keep watching.

Masquerade Masks


With the impending party season over Halloween, plus fireworks and Guy Fawkes celebrations I’ve taken the opportunity to put a couple of masquerade masks on vinted.


They are wonderfully outrageous and all quite stunning. They deserve to be seen and are guaranteed to draw attention.

Black & Gold with black ribbon tie they have never been used and with one masquerade mask having labels attached.

I have no idea how much the two masquerade masks originally cost but I think they are worth more than the asking price. Fantastic pieces of bling costume accessories and they don’t sell on vinted they will always sell on ebay.

I hope they find a good home and a good party.

Buy the dream live the dream.

The Milkshake Monster of Lime St Station

For the past few months I have been working part-time in the M&S Foodhall, Lime St Station, Liverpool to help pay for beer. I’m new to retail and the hours are appalling and the money a disgrace but it’s good fun.

Shoplifting is endemic and it’s not just the obvious bum, wino and scally suspects but the respectable, well-to-do and opportunistic who probably steal the most by not scanning every item in their basket.

I tend to look after the tills, four self-service and one cash till. And to help pass the time I compete with our munchkin security guard, Carl to catch the most shoplifters. A daily, often hourly occurence.

Yesterday, about 3:30pm and an hour+ into our shifts Carl turns to me and says 1-0, watch this … and walks towards the exit. I barely glance up and keep focused on the self service tills. He’s caught someone.

Moments later sure enough Carl is trying to ushur a Yeti back into the shop from the public concourse but the hairy suspect is behaving very aggressively and not cooperating and Carl is struggling and visibly angry and upset.

As the closest team member and at 6’+ I swiftly moved to support Carl and stood very close on the shoulder of the hairy suspect whilst two quick thinking members of Network Rail stood watching/filming the incident on their body cameras. Carl had saliva on his jacket and was apoplectic shouting you fc*king spat on me!?!… The hairy suspect appeared to calm down and despite my concerns we all retreated back into the shop. And chaos ensues…

Suddenly, the hairy suspect falls to the floor in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo and proceeds to play dead. Get up! Get up! There’s nothing wrong with you shouts Carl. I panic and contradict him No, stay down. Do not attempt to get up sir! He’s too big to handle in a small shop full of customers. We should have dealt with him in the public concourse.

Carl proceeds to try and search the hairy suspect who miraculously regains consciousness and a spontaneous wrestling match breaks out. The hairy suspect produces a small vanilla milkshake and trys to drink it whilst shouting Help! Help! I’m being attacked! Carl nearly explodes and trys to grab the milkshake and now it’s everywhere. Carl and the hairy suspect are covered. The hairy suspect produces another identicial bottle, opens it and starts thowing the contents in all directions. He trys to stand and falls into a chocolate display, now there’s chocolate and milkshake everywhere. Customers are running for cover.

Thankfully, at this point the police turn up. It apparently took seven of them to get him into a van. And I spent two hours giving a witness statement. I don’t blame Carl for being very upset. Spitting on someone is disgusting behaviour. And the police hope to charge the hairy suspect with assault.

A day in the life of a retail assistant. And please don’t go shoplifting in Lime St. The munchkin man will get you.

Reselling Make Up Post Covid

Pre-covid I acquired a lot of make up, hundreds of unused items, but most had their seals broken. Lipsticks, eyeliners and more. As an ugly man I had no idea what many items were for. At first I considered donating to a womens refuge but decided to try my local car boot sale in Bootle, Liverpool.

I filled several buckets and priced everything at £1. I arrived early, it was still dark and I was immediately pounced upon by a gaggle of women wearing head torches. There was nearly a riot. For the next 3 hours there must have been an average of 10 people rootling through the make up buckets grabbing bargains. It felt like the whole of Bootle was buying my make up. I made over £500 and still had more to sell. It was a big success. Then came lockdown…

Post lockdown I decided to revisit the opportunity. With more make up to sell I ventured back to Bootle car boot with more buckets filled with make up goodies. Ready for the onslaught and expecting a similar reaction. How bitterly disappointing. Nobody wanted to know. I sold a few items but in the face-mask wearing world we currently live people are no longer willing to buy make up with broken seals. Even when new.

I have since disposed of the vast majority of make up and kept only those items with their seals intact, about 100 pieces and decided to advertise them on Vinted for £1. See my make up on vinted.

So far individual items have received many likes and a few sales. But there hasn’t been a cyber riot to compare with my initial car boot experience.

L’Oreal, Rimmel, Make Up Academy and more. Create a bundle and make me an offer. It needs to find a good home and not go to waste.

Reycling Food?

In recent months I have been working in the small M&S Food Hall, Lime St Station, Liverpool. And have been shocked and appalled at the wastage.

I must start by clearly stating the M&S Foodhall in Lime St station is not owned by M&S. It is a franchise owned by a seemlingly larger company called SSP. My employer. They specialise in branded retail franchises at airports, train stations, service stations etc… across 30+ countries worldwide.

At M&S Lime St we do our best. We provide food that has reached it’s best before/use by date each evening around 8pm for immediate distribution. As far as I understand we support a network of 4 hostels for recovering addicts, any extra food is then delivered to families in-need. All organised by a local church. Post latest lockdown, with everybody struggling to predict demand we gave away anywhere between £1,000 and £2,000 worth of food every single night.

Sadly, we are but a drop in the ocean of the food wastage at Lime St Station… and we are not uncommon. We appear to stand alone with our charitable efforts, but I could be wrong. My issue and reason for this article, is why?

Tonight I witnessed a wannabe team-leader refuse to allow a collection of Percy Pig treats go to charity because they had yesterdays best before date. They were openly scared of the frivilous complaint for charitable efforts and possible impact.

Faceless companies like SSP and large brandnames such as M&S are not heartless. They are comprised of individuals, just like you and I. And if people are going to use their professional opportunities to better contribute to their local community there needs to be an easier way to protect themselves and their employer from the easy, unjustified, opportunistic complaint.

How many people reading this article have claimed for whiplash and received a £1,500 payout?

Faceless companies like SSP and large brandnames such as M&S are not the problem, we are.